PSA Posters
Inspirational and PSA posters for 988 Okla. The goal of these posters was to help 988 Okla focus on educating children and teens on mental health. The goal with these was to make 988 familiar to anyone who may need to call or text it in order to receive the help that they need. Educators all around the state can download posters and other resources for free on
988 Character Stickers
Here are some original character stickers for 988 Okla. These characters are apart of what we call the Call Center Critters. You can view these critters in more detail down below. These stickers are a way to showcase the character, and what the character is all about. The goal of these stickers is to spread positivity and to get 988 out there. I really wanted these stickers to be really fun and bright and radiate positivity. 
988 Call Center Critters
These characters represent all different kinds of people in different walks of life, and are all about taking care of their mental health. From right to left we have Okla, Sugar Pa, Puddle bucket, Lucille, and Corty. This rag tag crew of critters all have roots here in Oklahoma and were created to be spokes-critters for 988 Oklahoma. Okla (is the ring leader of course), and his friends go on adventures and get into all sorts of fun situations as they teach others about the importance of mental health.
988 PSA Frames 
988 Okla has a theme song! These are key frames from the animated video. I illustrated the scenes, and another designer animated them. I was interviewed by Fox23 for a news story about my participation in the animation for the 988 Okla campaign. You can view the entire animation on 988 Oklahoma's YouTube here!
988 Critters in Costume
Happy Halloween from 988! Here are the critters in costume! Puddlebucket as a spooky skeleton, Okla as a cheeky clown, Sugar Pa as a scary ghost, Lucille as a freaky vampire, and Corty as a cute pumpkin!
988 Critters in Thanksgiving Parade
Happy Thanksgiving from 988 Oklahoma! Here are the Call Center Critters as Thanksgiving Balloons in a parade! 
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