Empowering Generations: The Inspiration
This collection of posters draws its inspiration from the profound words and extraordinary life of Clara Luper. Throughout the process of researching and designing these posters, I found myself deeply moved by Clara Luper's journey and legacy. Her tireless efforts have played a pivotal role in shaping this nation into a place where I, as a young Black woman, can embrace my identity with pride and confidence.
These posters serve as a visual testament to the lessons I've gleaned from Clara Luper's teachings and experiences—lessons I strive to embody each day. They symbolize my aspiration to exude pride in my Black heritage, to stand unwaveringly for the cause of freedom, and to approach challenges with the spirit of nonviolent determination. I am reminded of my commitment to walking the path of progress alongside fellow advocates, united in peaceful solidarity and uplifted by collective prayers for a better future.
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